Best Of Alternative Wedding Photography 2019

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a couple face each other hand in hand for an alternative wedding photograph by the sea in whitstable. 4 gulls pass and frame them against the white sky

When I tell people I am a professional wedding photographer, apart from asking me what I do during the week, their faces do this thing that suggests they think weddings and wedding photography is a bit boring. All the same kind of photos. Nothing new or exciting. All a bit awkward and forced.

So part of me putting together these end of year reviews is to show those people that hopefully wedding photography can be everything BUT what they expect. That there is an alternative. That you can get married how, where and when you like. NO rules. NO boundaries. And you can choose a Wedding Photographer who shares your enthusiasm and passion for avoiding the obvious and doing things a little bit differently.

So here you go. MY alternative take on wedding photography in 2019 condensed from approximately 10,500 to 80 images (now you know what I do during the week!!) ENJOY!!

2 alternative wedding portraits side by side. one of a couple beneath an arch of foliage and the other of a bride holding a pint of beer and smoking a cigarette A wedding couple embrace in front of steamed up shop window lit by light bulbs on a London high street

As well as shooting weddings I also did some wedding photography teaching and mentoring throughout 2019. Along with my good buddy and fellow beard brother Lee we created our own “SH*T DISCO” dancefloor workshop and may roll this out again in 2020. I also captured Lee’s wedding to Lisa, ANOTHER awesome wedding photographer! Talk about pressure BUT it proved to be one of my favourite weddings of my whole career. Go take a look at their blog if you fancy a clicky HERE

2 stitched images of people dancing on a dancefloor lit by direct on camera flash a bridesmaid reacts to a champagne bottle over flowing whilst she awaits with champagne flutesa bride is held aloft on her wedding day dancefloor

Throughout 2019 I continued on my search for the ultimate wedding photography group shot! Again something that traditionally wedding photography has taught us needs to be cheesy or void of any creativity. BUT WHY? So if the wedding offers me the time, space, props and willing participants then why not have a #parrysquadshot They even have there own hashtag now if you pop over to Insta!

an alternative wedding party groups shot from a wedding at the old dairy in hackney

“Wowowowowowow!!! Again!!! You are a Genius Matt, we love every single one and your blog is really special. Remembering all the little things makes us feel like it was the only wedding you shot this year”                Amy + Reggie, Lillebrooke Manor, Berkshire 

2 stitched images of a wedding guest on a dancefloor with shutter drag and a groom in ibiza standing against a pink walla boy at a wedding lies in a carpet of confetti an animated gif of a bride in a lift, doors opening and closing

Anyone who follows my work knows you will find me amongst the hands, head banging and energy of the dancefloor. It’s where I take getting close to the action to a whole other level and rather than posed, awkward head shots it gives my couples images of their guests that show their true personalities, their joy and their signature moves!!

You will also find me driving behind couples sat on fake turf covered sofas mounted on the back of pick up trucks. Steering wheel in one hand and camera in the other whilst they look back laughing at my stupidity in the search for a shot.

a wedding couple sit on a sofa attached to a pick up truck on their wedding day a bride reacts excitedly pre wedding ceremony against a white wall, she is holding her bouquet a brides veil blows upwards before a portrait with her husband and wedding car against a blue wall at trinity buoy wharfwedding guest celebrates in bold print dress during lawn gamesa wedding guest at the hog roast buffet table with condiments out of focus in the foreground

As a wedding photographer who may be best known for my alternative take on portraits and group shots I still hold my roots in documentary and street photography. Its what I do for 90% of my day at every wedding, hunting out those un staged, un posed and hopefully still striking and creative shots. Whether they be on the croquet lawn, buffet table or at the bottom of Mum + Dads stairs there is so much to capture that you didn’t even know I was capturing.

a same sex elopement couple walk hand in hand beneath the Paris philharmonic building

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. As I expected we are in tears. You were one of the most special factors of our day, you made it so calm, so cool and you’ve made us look bloody beautiful.
Please share the video, blog, us, our comments anywhere you wish! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Rosie + Nathan, Voewood, Norfolk [click here for more of their day]

a wedding couple stand either side of a David bowie poster at the eclectic voewood wedding venue in Norfolk a bride enters the asylum chapel in London as all her guests look back. the light is soft

“I think Mark summed it up perfectly last night – Matt really is the NUTS!!! 🙂 What I think I love most is how you have managed to capture the raw emotion of us all – the nerves, the excitement, the pride, the love, the happiness and the drunkenness! Thank you so much for all you did on the day, you made us both feel so relaxed, which shows in the pictures. Its just us on or wedding day, being us and having the time of our lives – which you have documented so very beautifully and thoughtfully” Alix + Mark, The East Quay, Whitstable [click here for more of their day]

a father of the bride sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress at the east quay wedding venue in whitstable

“Matt you are truly an amazing photographer! Looking back through our photographs and reading the Blog again, you captured every part of why we fell in love with Chateau Lartigolle in the first place. Taking the time to get to know us as a couple and understand what we’re about makes the photos so much more special. Not to mention making us feel so relaxed on the day, the portrait shots were really fun and who knew we could look so cool! The way you captured the Father & Bride moment for the first time was just perfect. We didn’t even have to ask what shots we wanted you’re eye for detail is fantastic. Every photo tells a story & for us it was the best story ever!!!! SO THANK YOU AGAIN!!” Jordan + Kath, Chateau Lartigolle, France [click here to see more of their day]

a father of the bride sees his daughter come down a stair at chateau lartigolle in France

And some of my signature photobomb favourites from 2019. Again I have ( in a ridiculous act of self importance) given these there own hashtag #parryphotobomb if you want to see more. Sometimes planned, sometimes encouraged and sometimes sent from Gods of wedding photography I think they juxtapose the extraordinary with the ordinary and add a reality and humour which I hope shines through in all of my work. As well as the usual Dogs and Birds, this year I added space hoppers, scooter kids and semi naked ramblers to the list of wedding day co stars!

a wedding couple hug as they are photobombed by two wedding guests on space hoppers a French bulldog walks past a same sex elopement by a lake in a paris park a samba dancer shot from the rear at an ibiza weddinga granny on the dancefloor at a wedding at lillibrooke manor a bride doing her makeup on the bed with flower girl creeping in bottom of the frame a vicar and a toddler both await the arrival of the bridal car elegant black tie wedding couple shot at the ned in London a merged image of a bride pre ceremony and also exiting her ceremony with her husband at the asylum chapel in London a couple posing in front of an airstream caravan a portrait of a couple shot against strong light and shrub on a clifftop in ibiza

“These are simply AMAZING! I am telling you that choosing you as our photographer was the second best choice I made for our entire wedding! You were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. You were even a calming presence on the morning of the wedding and for that I thank you!  You  just ‘got’ us! And you did a brilliant job capturing the love and vibe of the wedding” Kim + Jay, Private Villa, Ibiza [click here to see more of their day]

a wedding guest with his hands in the air singing a song during the wedding speeches a gif of a bride and groom walking back up the aisle whilst being showered in colourful confetti a wedding couple are covered in confetti shot by canons during their first dance at the old dairy in hackney a couple embrace and are lit by a neon sign saying and so it begins

And so as one crazy year of weddings comes to an end..another begins. I have a head bursting full of ideas and I cannot wait to collaborate with my 2020 couples ( I still have dates available if you want to join the fun, click here to head to my contact form and tell me your plans)

It goes without saying that a professional wedding photographer is NOTHING without the trust and love of their couples and I thank everyone of them for letting me loose on their wedding day and for always making me feel so very bloody welcome. I like to think I am as much a professional wedding guest as professional wedding photographer…and how bloody awesome is that as a job title.


Thanks for getting this far! Thanks for your lovely comments (leave me a comment you meanie!) And thanks for the memories (this waffle is getting sentimental so I’m gonna leave it here)