Tegan + Pete // Wasing Park

All the weather…but thankfully all in the right order! for Pete and Tegan’s awesome day. Rain during prep and then the sunshine which lasted until just after the speeches and a final downpour which lead to some soggy space hopper action, a mad dash under table parasols and the inevitable rainbow…boom!

And although Pete, by his own admission, had little involvement in the plans leading upto the wedding…on the big day itself he jumped in feet first. And the joy on his face after marrying the girl of his dreams was only topped by one of the best speeches I have ever heard (and I have heard a few) shortly followed by jumping on stage with his band to belt out Led Zeppelin and perform a free style bongo solo when the mic stopped working.

My kind of wedding. My kind of bride + groom….MORE like this please 2017!!!

P+T you both ROCKED it. Thanks for having me x Here are fifty-ish of my favourites

Alternative Wedding Photography // Berkshire // Wasing Park