Amelia + Jason // Walcot Hall

2 common worries for any Bride leading up-to a wedding can, I guess, be both the dress and the weather. And as easy as it is to chant positive mantra I’m instead going to SHOW you and PROVE to you that neither can stop you having THE BEST DAY!!! Ladies and Gents I give you the wedding of Amelia + Jason.

When I had my final chat with A+J about 2 weeks before their big day Amelia had stumbled upon an unresolvable issue with her bespoke wedding outfit and with time running out was back to square one on the dress hunt. Clearly upset and a little stressed she stayed positive and although I never did get to see the original design, when you see the “last minute” choice in the images below then CLEARLY it all worked out for the best! Because WOWZER what a frock!! It even had detachable sleeve thingies (technical term) allowing for hands in the air for both dancing and whooping!

Suppliers in the wedding industry can get a bad rap (photographers included) BUT what the best of us all strive to do is react calmly and guide our couples through any problems. The ability to stay calm when all around you are in panic is one of the greatest skills any wedding supplier can posses! And that’s clearly what the wonderful team at Mirror Mirror Couture did when Amelia appeared literally weeks before her wedding…..and I reckon they deserve a shout out for turning a negative into a clear positive with the Hayley Paige gown they helped her find (once again folks WOWZER what a frock and how amazing did it look alongside Jason’s cool but classic Tux?)

Dress sorted, next up the December weather. I needn’t have worried as freezing wind and rain are no match for this party hard pair and with their trust in me and their ability to face the icy cold blast for the 15 minutes needed to use some of Walcot’s amazing locations, we collectively made the bad weather look good!!! And finding awesome spaces within the drier and warmer spaces of Walcot Hall is never gonna be a hardship……WHAT A PLACE!

One of my favourite weddings of the year and when you get the best couples in the best venues then thats when the magic happens come wind, rain or shine!

Amelia + Jason. I love you guys (your style, your friends, your families) x Thank you for your trust and positivity. And Thank you for creating such an awesome wedding day and inviting me along. I F*CKIN LOVED IT!

Alternative Wedding Photography // Walcot Hall Wedding Photographer

WHAT A DAY!!! WHAT A VENUE!!! I Need to be back at Walcot Hall asap

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Matt X