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Ben + Vijay // London // The Ned

Take 2 boat dwelling puppets, 2 ceremonies, countless costume changes, acrobats, strongmen, glitter balls, balloons, bow ties, multi coloured dream coats, energy, love, laughter and 2 awesome grooms and you have got one of the most bonkers and brilliant weddings I have ever had the pleasure of attending.

Crazy. So Freaking CRAZY. I just wouldn’t know where to begin trying to put my images into any sense of order and normality……….so it’s mash up time again!

THIS is why I shoot weddings. The constant waiting for that slap of crazy and colour and energy…..because when it happens (and boy did it happen throughout Ben + Vijays amazing day) and you mix it up with all the Love and emotion then you can understand why being a wedding photographer is the best job in the world.

So…in no particular order here are my favourite fifty-ish images from one of my favourite days of 2018!

Enjoy the joy ride! Thanks B+V for having me along…you smashed it!

Alternative Wedding Photography // London // The NED

How Bonkers Brilliant was that!?!

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*beardy kiss*