Jen + Frankie // Shakespeare’s Globe // Hixter Bankside

I first met Jen + Frankie 45 and 50 storeys (respectively) above a hot and sweaty London back in August. We had chatted via e-mail and on Skype and I had high hopes for their special day because it was clear they were up for a party and most importantly for doing things their way! which is ALWAYS the best way….and they didn’t disappoint!

Like all the couples who I am lucky enough to work with J+F are 2 different personalities that come together to make 1 awesome team. Fun, infectious and totally made for each other. Full of energy and a complete pleasure to point a camera at and totally trusting of my style and approach. PERFECT. CLIENTS!

HUGE thanks to Jen + Frankie for inviting me along and letting me join in all the fun, love, laughter and energy! I loved every hot, crazy minute x

Here are fifty-ish of my favourites….

Alternative Wedding Photography // London // The Shard // Shakespeare’s Globe // Hixter Bankside

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*beardy kiss*