Sophie + Richard // London // Morden Hall

Bird Wing Head Pieces, Skulls, Cigars, Coffins and Choccywoccydoodah. A wedding full of quirky, eccentric and alternative touches that no amount of rain was going to dampen.

In fact the weather only added to the atmosphere and only played to the whole Tim Burton vibe..and nobody got wet and the rain stopped just in time for Rich to partake in his love of a Cuban.

Looking through my favourite images It’s hard to believe that Sophie wasn’t appearing in some kind of high end fashion shoot. But I don’t shoot fashion, I shoot real peoples Weddings. And first and foremost I am there to document the reality, the emotion and the chaos of a day they will never forget. BUT if during all that chaos and reality I am walking down the stairs chatting to a bride and I see a pool of light and a opportunity to produce images like below….then thats what I do.

Thanks for having me along Sophie + Rich I LOVE. LOVE. LOVED it!

Alternative Wedding Photography // London // Morden Hall Weddings


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Matt X