Charlotte + Bill // London Fields Brewery

Charlotte + Bill COULD and did organise a piss up in a brewery. Like all my London couples they embraced the city by bringing the historic and modern together..firstly a beautiful and dramatic old church with an aisle as wide as the Thames, followed by a Brewery hidden under the railway arches in East London. Those perfect London contrast’s that you all know I just LOVE!

Add in Cheeky Burgers, Pizza, Pork Pie Wedding Cake and an Ice Cream Van…and wash it all down with Beer brewed on site and Vodka Jelly’s served in syringes…Sprinkle it with a dash of style and a touch of glamour and you got yourself a wedding people!!!

Another awesome and alternative London Wedding with a couple who totally embraced my style and approach!

Charlotte + Bill….you knocked it out the park! Thanks for having me along. I had a bloody blast!!!

Here are fifty-ish of may favourites x x

Alternative London Wedding Photography // St Johns of Jerusalem Hackney // London Fields Brewery

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Matt X