Jack + Emma // Tuscany // Borgo Di Castelvecchio

2018 has been my busiest for Destination weddings and although it made my summer a whirlwind of busy airports, budget airlines and soaring temperatures I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. Shooting in Central London one week and the Hillsides or Tuscany the next gives my “job” a sense of variety and excitement that I only hope comes across in what I produce.

But wherever I travel and however the beauty of the light and scenery astounds me I am forever reminded that I need to be prepared for a photobombing Dog taking a comfort break against the head table wherever I am.

Jack + Emma have let their love of teaching take them from the UK to Europe and now the Middle East so their wedding ceremony, conducted beautifully by Family and Friends from around the World, was both emotional and hilarious. The fact that it was outdoors, overlooking some of the Worlds most beautiful countryside AND an approaching Thunder Storm gave it a sense of drama and atmosphere that I have NEVER experienced before!

But the rain held JUST long enough and even though the heavens opened during the drinks reception the clouds cleared just in time for everybody to eat alfresco and enjoy the type of sunset skies that only Tuscany can deliver!

Thankyou J+E for inviting me to such a beautiful part of the World and for letting me hang out with you for a couple of days. Here are fifty-ish of my favourites mashed up and mixed up. ENJOY!

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