a couple celebrate with champagne after their wedding at Islington Town Hall

A Happy Little Wedding In Islington

a couple celebrate with champagne after their wedding at Islington Town Hall

Let me tell you the story of Vicki + Rob’s micro wedding. And I tell you because it sums up the story of so many resilient and determined couples who have attempted to get married in 2020……The year that weddings were banned?!?!?!?

Some tried and failed. Others decided to wait. Some tried, then failed, then tried again and……….

A couple head into Islington Town Hall for their micro wedding ceremony

Alternative Wedding Photography // London Micro Wedding // Islington Town Hall

Vicki and Rob postponed their planned September wedding at one of my favourite London wedding venues, Clapton Country Club BUT when the option to get married returned after Lockdown 1 they decided to go for it and booked a ceremony at Islington Townhall….”Marry now and Party later”  you might say.

Then Lockdown 2 happened and their end of November date was cancelled as weddings were banned again. They’d tried and failed, tried again and failed AGAIN.

a couple of witnesses watch obver a micro wedding at Islington Townhall

Like all my 2020 couples they stayed positive and retuned to crossing their fingers for their 2021 plans. Knowing it will be worth the wait. Then they got lucky and were offered the first available slot after Lockdown 2 lifted.

10am on December the 3rd 2020. “Let’s do it…I will meet you on the steps at 9.30am”

So here you go a little selection of my favourites (in no particular order) from that rainy, but oh so special couple of hours in Islington and another reminder of why weddings are so bloody special.

In a year of so much confusion and sadness I have felt so bloody privileged to be invited to witness and capture these little but still so special weddings.

Vicki sent me a message on my way home that lifted my spirits:
“Matt – thank you so much for today! We genuinely couldn’t have asked for grottier weather but you made it feel like sunshine and rainbows! Couldn’t have asked for more and I haven’t even seen the pictures yet! Vx”
Weddings are back. Love never went away x
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