Cara + Tod // Ibiza

My 4 eyes are exhausted. Never has a wedding edit bombarded me with so much colour, energy and craziness. I am SO SO thankful to Cara + Tod for sticking me on a plane and trusting me to capture what has to be one of the most Bonkers and Brilliant weddings I will ever be a part of……..I LOVE you guys x

So here goes…

It’s always important for me turn out the lights, block out the world and allow myself to become fully emerged into every wedding when I start the edit. To relive it again….just as I want my couples to do when they receive their images.

What I want to do is find that energy. Whether it be the quieter, slower moments of nerves and contemplation OR the louder, faster moments of excitement and expression. All weddings have both, if you look you will find! Some weddings, however, have an additional third energy: The “Grab you by the beard, punch you in the gut and spit you out wondering what just actually happened” kind of energy

C+T’s wedding had all 3. The holy trinity of wedding energy!

I could explain what happened over those 2 days in great detail OR I could just take my favourite 50 images and mash them up into no particular order…..

I choose the latter šŸ˜‰

The below may make perfect sense OR no sense at all. But thats Ibiza all over..you always return thinking “WTAF just happened?”

So strap yourselves in, grab your *free* club tropicana drinkĀ and delve into the madness and happiness……

C+T you f*ckin’ nailed it x

Alternative Wedding Photography // Spain // Ibiza // Cala Gracioneta // Pikes Hotel // Sunny’s Karaoke Bathtub

All weddings should end with Karaoke and a little smooch in Freddie Mercurys old bathtub…right?

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