Kat + Paul // Fforest

Such a wonderful, crazy, emotional and truly amazing day….one of my all time favourites:

Fforest has been on my radar for 4-5 years and after so many near misses I FINALLY got the chance to shoot there and man alive did it live up to (and surpass) my high expectations.

Kat + Paul totally embraced the Fforest concept and added a personality and sense of fun and adventure that created a warm and welcoming gathering that went waaaaay beyond “just another wedding” and I have rarely felt so embraced, welcome and part of the celebrations. I honestly didn’t want to leave!!!!

And to top it all one of those wonderful little narratives that runs alongside the main story of the day…..The bond between Paul and little Gabi:

To witness and capture the beautiful relationship between Kat’s Daughter Gabi and Paul was an absolute pleasure. In our society today the family unit takes so many forms and I have seen so many BUT watching little Gabs beam with pride and happiness at the cementing of her family made my eyes all a bit sweaty and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room during speeches

Thankyou so so much Kat, Paul, Gabi and all your friends and family for making me feel so very welcome. A day I will never forget x So before I get all emosh again lets look at some pics………and I am in the mood for a mash up!!!!

So here are fifty-ish of my favourite images in no particular order x

Alternative Wedding Photography // Wales // Fforest Camp

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Matt X