Lucia + Harrison // Puglia // Masseria Potenti

ENERGY……It’s all about the energy. I think it’s traditionally what wedding photography lacks. From the quieter, slower moments of nerves and contemplation to the louder, faster moments of excitement and expression. Every wedding has both BUT some weddings have even more: That “Grab you by the beard, slap you in the face and leave you wondering WTF just happened” kind of energy.

I have talked of this Holy Trinity of energy before……..and Lucia + Harrison’s wedding had the full house!!! So strap yourselves in and I shall begin..

Never will I have delivered so many images to one couple, so to pick out my favourites has been hard and to try and put them into any kind of order…impossible!

So here they are mashed up and mixed up into my favourite seventy*ish* images…I hope the energy shines through, jumps out of the screen and leaves you thinking WTF just happened!!!!

Throughout May and June I spent a LOT of time pointing my cameras in the direction of Lucia + Harrison. Firstly at their intimate paperwork bit in North London and then 3 days in one of the most amazingly beautiful places I have ever been lucky enough to travel with my cameras.

I simply can’t thank L+H enough for entirely trusting me to do my thing whilst they partied the F*ck out of those 3 AMAZING days. Their friends, family and the awesome team at Masseria Potenti (who run quite simply the best venue EVER) for inviting me into the craziness and chaos and allowing me to capture their boundless and bountiful energy….I LOVED EVERY HOT SWEATY MINUTE!

I left Lucia + Harrison poolside in Puglia with tambourines and Craig Charles (yep how’s that for a wedding DJ) ringing in my ears. Needing a lie down. And now after completing their mammoth edit I need another!

How freaking amazing was that?

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*beardy kiss*