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2022 – The year that the old normal became the new normal. Finally an uninterrupted, restriction and “rule” free year of Weddings. Like being back in 2019 just with higher energy bills and mortgage rates.

You see the thing is me and my couples don’t really go in for “rules and restrictions” so being able to travel and cuddle and crowd surf all seemed much more acceptable.

Hopefully looking through these 100 images will show you another side of Wedding Photography. And hopefully my favourite images are the ones that shock, surprise, amuse and even confuse anybody who’s new here. So enough rambling waffle and here we go…..

But first a disclaimer: Every single one of these pics is of a couple or guest from a REAL wedding in 2022 and the majority are entirely unscripted and as I found them. Every minute of Every Wedding has the potential to create an image worthy of a “Greatest Hits” or (more importantly) to become a couples favourite image from their wedding day.

I’m veering into “rambling waffle” territory. SHUT UP PARRY

In no particular order, my favourite images of 2022.

A HUGE Heartfelt thank you to all my 2022 couples. I Love you all x

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Hugs, high fives and handshakes…Matt x


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