Kelly + Charlie // The Asylum

Kelly + Charlie 

Alternative Wedding Photography // London // ACE Hotel // The Asylum // Tanner Warehouse

The Holy Trinity of RNR London weddings: Prep at The ACE, ceremony at The Asylum and party at Tanner Warehouse. BOOM BA DA BOOOOOOOOM.

Leather, lace, tattoos, mustard, mayhem and MUSIC!!!! And when some of that music is provided by The Groom’s 2 little Brothers (bringing everybody to tears with a self penned number and then getting the party started with some Jamie T) then you have a night to never forget.

I am so lucky that I get to shoot weddings where I can sometimes just lower my camera and take it all in. Enjoy the happiness that flows around the room and know that even if I wasn’t the photographer that I would want to be right here, right now just hanging out with all these people…….As everybody sat down for dinner at K+C’s reception the band struck up a stripped back version of The Libertines “What Katie Did” and the whole room, including me, just started swaying and singing “shoop, shoop, shoop de-lang de-lang” It was amazing and I am still smiling now just thinking about it!

One of my all time favourite EVER weddings. FACT.

Kelly, Charlie and all your awesome friends and family……I F@CKIN LOVE YOU ALL

Here are fifty-ish of my favourites x


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*Beardy Kiss*