a wedding image shot at trinity buoy wharf in London

An Alternative East London Wedding

Alternative Wedding Photography // Hannah + Tim // Trinity Buoy Wharf // London

PERFECT COUPLE ALERT!!!! Adventurous, Party Hard, Fun, Stylish and Welcoming. A wedding photographers dream..even before they decided to tie the knot in one of my most visited and favourite London Wedding Venues – Trinity Buoy Wharf.

July, August and September 2021 will go on record as probably my busiest 3 months of the past 10 years calling this wedding lark a job. BUT thanks to couples like Hannah + Tim its been a breeze. Well a kind of hectic, tiring, party filled, breeze.

And I am not ashamed to admit that after 18 months of confusion and worry I had a quiet little “sweaty eyed” moment as I felt the love in the room on that sunny, happy day in August.

NO words!!! (well maybe a few more at the end) Here’s H+T’s highlights x

A bride in shorty dress and wedding cape laughing before her wedding at Trinity Buoy Wharf in London A plane flies through a clear blue sky in London above Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding venue a bride and groom covered in confetti after their wedding at trinity buoy wharf an alternative bridal party group shot including disco balls and pampas grass at trinity buoy a shouter drag flat photo of a partying wedding group at trinity buoy

WHAT A DAY. WHAT A COUPLE. Its knowing days like this were on the horizon that has kept me going…and maaaaan did it not disappoint.

Hannah + Tim. I only hope I have done your spectacular day justice..because I loved every single minute.

If you wanna party like is 2021 at Trinity Buoy Wharf and need a photographer – contact me HERE