Amalfi Wedding Photography // Bryan and Ashley

Bryan + Ashley

Alternative Wedding Photography // Italy // Amalfi // Elopement 

I can feel my waffle-o-meter about ready to explode. Trying to express my amazement that a couple of “strangers” from Brooklyn would find my work on Instagram and invite me to meet them in Italy and be the only witness to their elopement is impossible. No amount of waffle can express that….

Thank God I took some pictures.

Bryan and Ashley are no longer strangers. They are 2 of the sweetest, most trusting, interested and interesting people I have ever met and the chats, laughs, stair climbs and expresso’s we shared over those 48 hours will remain as some of my favourite ever as a photographer.

The fact that I not only got to capture but also share in their memories makes me feel all fuzzy and even a bit emotional..and then when they sent me one of the coolest gifts I have ever received with a little note attached (a snippet of which can be found at the end of the blog) I almost burst with gratitude and may have even got a little something in my eye.

Seriously B+A. I LOVE you guys…here are fifty-ish of my favourites x

In a moment of madness I suggested a “sunrise session”.
7.15am: We emerged half awake. It was cold, cloudy, windy and I could sense us all thinking “We could still be warm in bed…..great idea Parry!”
But we persisted! (Well we gave it 25 minutes) grabbed a few  “keepers” and headed back to the warmth of the espresso bar.

“We wanted someone who could insert their own POV into something they loved and thats how we viewed your work when we first began to search for wedding photographers. We could see your unique take on something that is often approached in a cliche and traditional way.

We can’t imagine anyone else sharing such an intimate day with us and are lucky you were able to capture our special moments (bird shit and all)”

WOW how beautiful is that? and if you wondered about the bird shit reference. Here is the text I received from Bryan literally 5 minutes before our planned “first look”

If like B+A you are planning a destination wedding or adventurous elopement…….please get in contact by clicking HERE

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