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2017 // One Year // One Hundred Images

Easily my craziest, most varied and dare I even usher the word *epic* year as a wedding photographer. From just 2 people eloping in Amalfi to a hundred hedonistic revellers breaking all the wedding rules on the worlds most famous party island………Tiny village chapels, the crumbly elegance of the Asylum Chapel, The OBE Chapel in the bowels of St Paul’s Cathedral and the  Royal Chapel within the walls of The Tower Of London….2017 picked me up, dragged me along and spat me out feeling slightly confused BUT very VERY grateful.

Trips to Amalfi, Tuscany, Ibiza, Cornwall, The Cotswolds, etc etc. But still my heart lies in London. My bread and butter…my inspiration. 15 weddings of the 40 I was lucky enough to grab an invite to in 2017 all in the city where photography started for me…and it continues to inspire, surprise and influence the way I shoot every wedding whether it be in the middle of somewhere or the middle of nowhere.

London weddings have taught me to expect the unexpected, always be ready to react, to look for the subtle light/the texture/the lines/the contrasts and most importantly the context. NEVER to be hiding or attempting to “create” perfection but simply to embrace the reality, the honesty, the passers by, the pigeons and the perfectly imperfect….

No two people are the same. No two weddings are the same. And its my job to prove that!


Lets do this. One year in One Hundred (ish) images……….GO!

A HUGE Heartfelt thank you to all my 2017 couples. I Love you all x

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Hugs, high fives and handshakes…Matt x