Andy + Bex // Wiltshire // Happy Valley

Happy Valley isn’t the kinda place you will find on any maps. In fact I am not entirely sure that it even “officially” exists……not that it matters. We can all create our own little Happy Valleys and there aint no better day to do so than on your wedding day!

The location of Andy + Bex beautifully styled marque truly did truly sit in a valley and thanks to the sheer force of love, friendship, entertainment and magnums of champagne I doubt many places registered higher on the happy-o-meter than this particular Happy Valley on that particular Saturday back in late July.

OK it rained a wee bit BUT most importantly the sun shone and the rain held for EXACTLY the time it took for the whole wedding party to parade through the beautiful countryside between the cute little church and the aforementioned happy valley led by the easily the greatest wedding band I have ever witnessed….

How best to describe Mr Wilsons Second Liners. A brass band named after the Godfather of Manchester music, playing 90’s rave classics and wearing Sgt Pepper inspired outfits. BONKERS but BRILLIANT!

A truly personal day oozing with style and a side order of Bonkers……..right up my street!

A+B aka Bandy thanks for having me along for the ride. Here are fifty-ish of my favourites x

BONKERS but BRILLIANT………you planning something similar??? Then give me a shout by hitting my enquiry form HERE 

Matt X