2018 // This Must Be The Place

As I approach the end of each year photographically I start to think about this post…….that’s kinda sad isn’t it???

Firstly I take stock of where I have been, who I captured and what I will write (again, total saddo!!!)

This year, at my last wedding, with literally my last shot (below) it all became clear. THIS MUST BE THE PLACE!!

Finally after 7 years of working at 100 mph and not really slowing to consider any kind of “style” or “voice” it kind of all, and excuse the pun, clicked.

2018 WAS the place! (thanks to Sam, Vicki and Dave for letting me plagiarise your neon/lyric)

Maybe it was because I had more time travelling/thinking/bored in airports than ever before, or because I taught a workshop for the first time BUT whatever the reason it just became clear!

I won’t try and vocalise it but simply show you 100 images that I think define what I do and what I love! Images that hopefully make me stand out from the crowd.

I am starting to sound waaay to serious/pompous/tw8tty (3 things I never want my work to be)….so I shall shut up with the waffle and let you take a look:

To all my 2018 couples, I loves ya! And to all my 2019 couples! Let’s F8cking do this!

Alternative Wedding Photography // London Wedding Photographer // Destination Wedding Photographer

bride and groom kissing beneath neon sign at Clapton country club bride in wedding dress stood in doorway at wilderness reserve Tuscany wedding photograph of couple stood poolside alternative wedding photograph of bride and groom against pink background alternative wedding photograph of wedding dance floor including 3 separate hands in the air wedding photograph or couple stood against loading bay with yellow lines in foreground alternative wedding groups photo at walcot hallwedding photo of bride running in the rain in Hayley Paige gownalternative wedding photograph of groom taking a pee dog peeing during wedding speeches wedding portrait of couple and passing dog bridal shoes watched by goldfish portrait with seagulls at Brighton weddingPuglia wedding photography couple with prickly pears

So if you got this far, thank you!  Picking just 100 images from 15,545 delivered and God knows how many shutters clicked ain’t easy so I didn’t even attempt to pick my “best” and instead went for the more unexpected and hopefully defining images! Hope you liked them?

And if I still have your attention  feel free to share this with anybody you know getting married. Still spaces in 2019 and my 2020 diary is now fully open! contact me by clicking HERE

FELLOW PHOTOGRAPHERS  whilst I am in this brief zen like state of clarity I am seriously considering putting on another workshop to help me share and focus for the season ahead. I have a few ideas and dates in mind so email me for a bit more info!  (or by clicking HERE)

Still here?  Then any comments always make me smile x x

Hugs. High 5’s and Handshakes