andrew + katie // santorini // pre wed

Back at the beginning of June I jumped aboard a flight and headed for one of my most rewarding, exciting and challenging adventures since becoming a wedding photographer.

Exciting because a couple who I had only met via Skype had placed their trust in me, put me on a plane and invited me to capture their wedding on one of the most beautiful islands in Europe.

Rewarding because from the moment I landed they totally embraced me into their celebrations and trusted my approach and creativity…becoming great friends in the process.

Challenging? Well to control the sheer intensity of the sunlight and heat did catch me somewhat off guard, but the challenge I relished even more than that was to create a set of images that showed a different, less obvious side to one of the most photographed islands in the world. And all of this whilst not being deterred from what is always my aim……To tell the story of the wedding through my images.

We started the day before the big day. A decision on impulse to hire a couple of quad bikes and armed only with a scribbled upon tourist map and sense of adventure we headed off.

Our joint aim: to create some shots of the island and a series of pre wedding photos that didn’t look like they had simply come straight out of a Muller Light advert:

Here’s what we got.

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Next up. The big day….and I can assure you,