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A Stylish Same Sex Wedding At Trinity Buoy Wharf

A same sex wedding couple and their drag queen MC against a blue container at trinity buoy wharf

Alternative Wedding Photography // Elliot + Ben // Trinity Buoy Wharf // London

I’m still buzzing from this bonkers day…so getting the highlights committed to my Blog whilst all the style and silliness was still fresh in my mind seemed a no brainer. Waay too good not to share a day like this and give it pride of place amongst my ever growing list of amazing 2021 weddings.

To be back doing what I love is brilliant enough BUT to be back with weddings like this is blowing my mind.

Elliot + Ben I salute you. Here are your highlights x

a mosaic of groom prep images at the Hoxton hotel London a wedding groom opens a bottle of Prosecco at the Hoxton hotel a same sex couple exit Marylebone town hall to steps covered in confetti

Wedding photography at Trinity Buoy wharf is a dream…its never the same. An ever changing backdrop and a simply brilliant party space. BUT if you add a Mistress Of Ceremonies by the name of Crayola The Queen then it turns the dial to up 11.

MORE DRAG MC’S AT WEDDINGS………The campaign starts here!

Family, Friends, Fun, Style and Sassiness. The PERFECT reminder how outrageous and amazing weddings really can be. A classic.

Elliot + Ben I thank you for absolutely nailing it and having me along for the ride!!!

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