a wedding couple in front of a winter log pile at Cripps barn

A Stylish Cotswolds Winter Wedding At Cripps Barn

A couple pose in front of a large log pile at the cotswold wedding venue Cripps barn

Alternative Wedding Photography // The Cotswolds // Cripps Barn // Amy + Dylan


My first visit to Cripps Barn for what seems like a lifetime but my return was a photographers dream! Mainly because Dylan and Amy brought all the style, sass, drama, emotion and crazy that all my favourite kinda weddings have. But also Cripps and The surrounding Cotswolds played a perfect host to the cosy vibe and autumnal colour scheme.

Basically, perfect couple plus perfect Winter wedding = Happy photographer!!

And can we get a round of applause for Amy’s AMAZING dress and OMFG those bespoke sleeves (sometimes I honestly wish I was a girl so I could wear some my brides outfits)

Did I just say that out-loud????

Lets look at the highlights x

a candid bridal prep shot ahead of a wedding at Cripps barn exterior shot of wedding venue Cripps barn ceremony location shot of a winter wedding at Cripps barn in The Cotswolds an interior shot of a candlelit wedding at Cripps barn

Brides who spend more of their wedding day holding a bottle of Peroni than holding a bouquet are DEFINITELY my kind of Brides.

Amy + Dylan! Thanks for your trust, collaboration, cheer leading and friendship. You are a couple of Superstars and I absolutely loved being your wedding photographer!






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