A Quirky Marylebone Town Hall Wedding

Alternative Wedding Photography // Corey + Ben // Carousel // London

I first met Corey + Ben for a wander around Camden (where they live) way back in one of those brief relaxings in-between lock down 3 and 4 or maybe it was 19 and 20?!?!

They looked cool then BUT wait until you see how they looked on their third (or was it fourth) attempt a their wedding day!!!!

Weddings at Marylebone Town Hall are always special. It’s as Iconic as a London Wedding venue gets and knowing it’s steps are now full again with happy couples makes me feel all a bit teary. I dare you to stand on that pavement for an hour on a Saturday and not smile so much it hurts as wedding party after happy wedding party spill out into the daylight..cheering and throwing fists full of confetti.

Enough waffle…here’s their highlights x

Meeting at a Tech conference made Corey and Ben the perfect couple to solve the problem of Coreys Florida based Sister being unable to travel to the wedding.

Enter the wedding robot

Controlled and inhabited with the face of Erica..who smoked, laughed and cried her way through the whole day (minus the odd dodgy wifi moment)

As a wedding photographer not unused to the unusual this was a first even for me………and as you will see from the images Erica was most definitely part of the day.

Carousel is a great Wedding venue just a short walk from Marylebone Town Hall.

Displaying art work and welcoming inventive chefs on a pop up basis it made for a perfect spot for C+B to enjoy a relaxed meal and speeches (both in person and via robot/video link)

Wedding couples in 2021 are an adaptive and creative bunch!!!

Corey + Ben THANK YOU for sticking with me! and persevering in creating a wedding day that just perfectly represented YOU! It was really special and I was so glad to be involved.

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