a couple pose for a portrait after their wedding at chateau Soulac in France

A Perfect French Wedding At Chateau Soulac

A couple pose for a wedding portrait at the entrance to Chateau Soulac In France



I wont bore you with the details BUT after 10 years of being lucky enough to capture Destination Weddings I have somehow mange to dodge any major airline drama. Until now.

But as a French Chap (his name is Jean Paul if you’re interested) once said to me in his best English accent: “There are no problem…Only solution” And lo and behold via the power of Planes, Trains and Automobiles I made it.

And boy am I glad I did.¬†Because there is a certain extra level of energy that comes with Destination weddings. The weather and the fact everybody is “on their Holidays” really allows everybody to let loose and I always return with a tonne of amazing dance-floor shots, Sun kissed smiles and Hot weather happiness.

And for a couple like Luke + Laura who are surrounded by folk that love them where ever they go. To have ALL those folks together in such beautiful surroundings made it even more special.

A well deserved celebration of “them” after a very tricky and testing 4 years.

Enough waffle, here are forty (ish) of my favourites from that perfect day in The Dordogne.

bridal prep at chateau Soulac in the dordogne in France

Told you it was a good dance-floor!! Big shout out To The Awesome Four Kicks Band for bringing the tunes and the Karaoke and Robbie at Marry Me In France for running the day so smoothly.


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