A Monday Morning Mini Wedding In London



Picture a drizzly Monday morning in London. And what follows will most definitely exceed your expectations.

H + Dave could brighten up any morning, they bring their own sunshine in the form of their love, laughter and little family (2 kids and 1 snail)

Their original enquiry made me smile and having now been lucky enough to spend the day with them I can 100% confirm that the wedding they wanted is exactly the wedding they got…just how it should be:

We’re H (Helen) & Dave, both 43 and both northerners who met down here and have made London home with our 2 little ones. On 24th July this year, we’ll have been together for 10 years. Whilst many people decide to get divorced at this stage, we thought we’d buck that trend and finally get married 😉 We like simplicity and honestly cannot be arsed with a big do: the stress, the cost, the complexity… so the plan is just us, the kids and a few mates. We’ll be getting ready at home so were thinking of having some chilled photos of us getting ready then heading to the town hall for the ceremony at 11; it’s set in an old churchyard with the big Mosley mural on the wall, Christopher Wren church and a creepy old morgue – loads of photo opps!  Afterwards, the plan is to head to Dishoom in Shoreditch for drinks & food – and then we’re catching the Eurostar to Paris in the evening!
We love what we’ve seen/read about you/your work/approach and we’d love to know if you’re free and fancy working your magic with us!

H+D you nailed it and I cant thank you enough for allowing me to be part of your squad for the day! Here’s 40 of my favourites:

Small weddings with wonderful people make my heart sing!!


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