a wedding couple walk hand in hand through the asylum chapel in Peckham, London

A London Wedding At The Asylum Chapel

A wedding portrait of a couple against a blue, crumbling wall in a deserted venue in London

Alternative Wedding Photography // Anna + Joe // August 2021 // The Asylum

Anna + Joe are lovers of Literature, Language, Life and of course each other. I personally love them because they invited me along to their wonderfully personal and special wedding at one of my all time favourite wedding venues, The Asylum in Peckham.

In my 10 plus years as a wedding photographer this must have been my longest gap between weddings at The Asylum..and boy or boy was I glad to be back. Like visiting an old friend who after years being apart made me feel it had been just a week since we last met.

I’m waffling and beginning to anthropomorphise a crumbling building?!?  Time for some images….

a gallery wall contains different versions of the wave a bride reflected in a mirror during bridal preparations

Anna + Joe were one of the many couples this year who as well as having to change plans and venue, needed to change photographer. And thankfully based on my pretty hefty portfolio of Asylum Chapel Weddings they found me. So after all the hassle and heartbreak of the past 18 months, it felt like a clean slate. A reminder of what weddings are all about: People, emotion, personality and energy. And thanks to a fine bunch of friends and family and a high octane and sweaty ceilidh we got all of that in spades.

a groom reacts to a bride entering the asylum chapel in London ahead of their wedding ceremony   wedding guests blow bubbles instead of confetti as a married couple walk back up the aisle after their wedding ceremony

GOD how I have missed dance floors. Shooting and capturing the energy requires nothing more than guests to dance like nobody is watching…which is how all dancing should be.

And me just jumping around like a possessed ninja..in amongst the arms, the noise, the HAVIN’ IT.

a stitch image of flash dance floor photography

It’s so so so so sooooo good to be back. Great weddings are like a protective bubble from the everyday..a chance to block the {new?} normal stuff away fro 24 hours. And boy do we all need that at the moment.

Anna + Joe. You nailed it! Thanks for having me along.

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