a jewish wedding couple embrace after their winter wedding in London

A London Speak Easy Wedding

Alternative Wedding Photography // London // Bevis Marks Synagogue // The Oriole // Brad + Jodie


The Wedding Photography highlights I put together shortly after most Weddings have become more and more important as travel remains tricky and often some of the most important of guests are unable to attend.

Brad’s Parents and Brothers were all packed and ready to fly to London from his homeland of South Africa when the devastating news hit that travel restrictions would make their journey in time for the wedding impossible.

And as much as they were made a part of the celebrations via video link and in conversation and speeches I want to allow them to get a sense of the emotion, the joy, the energy and the love that flowed from Brad and Jodies wonderful Jewish wedding as soon as possible.

So here we go….

The day began 14 flights above The City Of London with Jodies relaxed bridal prep before I headed to The Beautiful Candle lit Bevis Marks Synagogue to meet Brad for his Tisch. The atmospheric ceremony in that Historic Holy place followed by the subterranean speak easy reception, emotional speeches, music and dancing were all both magical and unforgettable.

Here are the highlights.


a bride practices her wedding speech ahead of her jewish wedding ceremony a view from above of Bevis Marks Synagogue in Londons Aldgate a groom and rabbi below a chuppah

I have been a Jewish wedding photographer many times, but rarely at a Synagogue. So to visit and experience a ceremony in The UK’s oldest Shul was a privilege. Built in 1701 and affiliated with London’s historic Spanish and Portuguese Jewish community, Bevis Marks sits hidden in the shadow of The Gherkin.

Capturing a wedding here is a privilege not without challenges. Trying to capture the atmosphere of the occasion with only the ambient candle light proved tricky BUT totally worth it for the sense of drama and history that I was lucky enough to be allowed access to.

a wedding bus captured in London after a winter wedding

A day I will NEVER forget and I hope in some small way I have managed to capture in a way that allows Brad and Jodie the chance to share and relive.
Thank you for trusting me and making me feel so very welcome.


Mazel tov




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