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A Late Summer Party Wedding At Trinity Buoy Wharf



Rosie + Tom are a beautiful, infectious, genuine and loving pair of Giddy Kippers. And I love them (just like anybody else who meets them does)

Even after all the unavoidable final build up stresses they attacked their entire wedding day with a child like sense of excitement and wonder and threw surprises and curve balls at their guests all day long. And everybody, including me, had the best day………A stone cold classic.

Add my favourite London venue, Summer 2.0 PERFECT weather, A crazy London sunset and a bunch of loved up merrymakers and you get the perfect reflection and celebration of Rosie + Toms London Love Story.

R+T I KNEW it would be good but you surpassed even my expectations and along with the amazing team at The Wedding Arrangers you pulled it off perfectly. Can we do it all again next week please????

Here’s fifty-ish of my favourites from one of my favourite EVER weddings.

Rosie + Tom THANK YOU for your trust, energy and friendship x


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