A Festival On The Farm Wedding In Bakewell



I got stung by a wasp at Cara + Tom’s wedding. I just wanted to get that out there as it was literally the only negative thing about their unforgettable festival of a day. Another 2023 Summer 2.0 classic.

And after some dark and troubled times no couple more deserved their wedding day to run as perfectly as C+T. And hopefully these images show just how much Love and Energy and Happiness filled that Farm in the Derbyshire Dales.

And you know it’s been a crazy good one when the only way for me to share my 40 favourites from the day is to mix and mash them up. To really take you on the same unpredictable and unforgettably crazy journey and capture all that energy, craziness and happiness.

Cara, Tom and your army of friends and family YOU NAILED IT 😉

Enjoy The Mash UP…..

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