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A Black Tie Brixton Wedding

100 Barrington in brixton wedding photography



At last..London in the sunshine! How I’ve missed you.

Days like this give me energy and really ignite my creativity!!! So strap yourselves in folks as this one is a CRACKER!!

You might expect a railway arch in Brixton to be the last place to host a stylish Black Tie wedding but thats what I love about the side of the wedding industry I inhabit. It shocks and surprises in the very best possible ways. And 100 Barrington is that perfect juxtaposition of stylish meets shabby, the kind of city wedding venue that fits perfectly with my style. And what better way to show of Fran’s stunning dress than the pigeon infested bridges of South London.

Fran and Morgan are 2 beautiful creative souls who call Brixton home and like all the best weddings their day was a reflection of them and the vibrancy of the place they call home.

And I for one, bloody loved it!

So here we go. Fifty-ish of my favourites from another perfect London Wedding…..

HUGE THANKS to Fran , Morgan and all their lovely friends and family for knocking the wedding out of the park and making me feel so welcome.
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